Dennis Okari has come out to give his experience as an investigative journalist when he is in a public place seeking any form of services.

He unleashed an expose months ago titled, ‘Red Alert’ where he exposed various supermarkets for selling stale meat that has been preserved using a chemical, aflatoxin, that got Kenyan worried.

Dennis Okari1

His expose got the attention of the government and measures were taken to a point local supermarkets were forced to defend themselves by sending out releases.

Dennis Okari loves his job as an investigative journalist but on the other side of it, not so much.

During NTV’s Quickfire Friday, he explained that going to a restaurant is too much because of all the attention he gets from the management who think he is there to investigate them.

Dennis Okari

“There was a time I walked into a restaurant and asked for fresh juice and he asked if I wanted something else and even showed me a list of cakes so I told him to bring me a piece of some cake. 

I could see the fresh juice so I knew in 2 – 3 minutes I’ll be served. So I stayed on my phone but then realized it’s nearly 15 min and my order is not here. I am thinking okay, what is going on?

Then I realized all the waters were surrounding this one waiter and they actually testing using their phones. I could see a guy who looked like a manager asking them how is it? Is it good?

Later I asked one of the waiters what was happening? He said they had to go get fresh oranges and squeeze them for him and I asked why did you have to so yet everyone drinks that juice on the counter? 

They were thinking I was investigating them. And I get that a lot. I get my table whipped like three or four times. Even I am just having my first spoon of a meal, someone will ask me how is the meal? And I am like I have just started eating and 5 minutes after the same question. It is too much.”

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Basically, Dennis cannot be treated like a normal customer because of the fear of the various establishments have of being exposed yet he is just going about his business, nothing work-related.

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