Well known socialite Mange Kimambi is defending Diamond Platnumz following breakup rumors.

Tanasha has blocked Diamond, his sister and mother on Instagram, and also deleted pictures of him, leading many to assume she had called it quits.

‘Men will always be men’ Esma after Diamond and Tanasha break up rumors

Kimambi has told people to stop blaming Diamond for anything that happens to the girls that he dates. The famous activist had a lot to say about the girls Diamond had been with. She said that these girls got into a relationship with Diamond, two days later they get pregnant. Mange Kimambi said that these women used this to trap Diamond.

She said;

they trap him with pregnancies a few weeks after meeting him then expect him to step up to something he did not ask for and wasn’t prepared for

She told Tanasha to hold on and avoid seeking sympathy from the public through her social media pages.

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