Lisa Gaitho has been endlessly trolled after she announced that the relationship she has always been flaunting on social media, is over!

According to Lisa, she is now following God’s calling. She decided to leave the relationship she used to flaunt on her youtube channel and social media pages because God was not at the center of that relationship at all.

Remember when she was advising women to take care of their men like their babies by washing them and feeding them? Kenyans women were up in arms ready to call her out and now that she has announced it is over, trolls have not stopped bringing her down.

The men liked what she said of course and now they are happy she is single because any man in Kenya can stand a chance of being washed.

Women, on the other hand, found Lisa Gaitho absurd. Huddah Monroe is one of the lasses who has publicly announced that the end of Lisa’s relationship serves her right.

According to Huddah, it is time Kenyan women understand that these Nigerian men who come to Kenya to look for money are not here to love but just want someone to sleep with while in the 254.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

It is sad that women get d*ckmatized (When the d**k is so good you start too catch feelings for the guy. When really your just catching feelings for the s3x game) real fast.

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Here is Huddah’s message  to women who are or would want to be in Lisa’s shoes:

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