Bahati and Diana Marua have alot to tell Kenyans about their private life.

Through their vlog, the two are openly and honestly telling curious people about the most intimate details in a Q & A.

One person asked Bahati what he loved most about Diana. After taking some time to think seriously about it, he looked at his wife Diana and said;

anakuanga na meno ya colgate unlike zangu. and ofcourse you know i always tell you everyday, i love your HIPS.

Diana who was recently trolled over wearing gloves that some fans defined as ‘gloves za kuunclog sewage’, especially agreed with him concerning the hips admission.

‘Tell me what I’m gonna do to please you’ Bahati’s message to Diana

Bahati was also asked why he shows off alot on their reality TV show and on social media to which he responded sharply,

so now you want me to cry?if you have no man to post continue pleasuring yourself slowly

Quite obscene for a born again person right?

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