Phone Password


It is over three weeks since things turned upside down for Kenyans, ever since president Kenyatta directed that those offering non-essential services start working from home.

This together with the 7pm-5am curfew being implemented has disoriented things, not to mention affecting everyone financially.

With most of our times now being spent at home, there are things that would make life even harder if we lack them and surely wouldn’t wish them on our worst enemies.

Here is a list of some  of them;

Power Outage 

Is it just me or more and more Kenyans have been complaining a lot about power outages? And to make it worse, the issues have been going on for more than 24 hours.

Imagine having to work at home without electricity or having to endure a long night during curfew just staring at candles and dark ceilings. 

Twitter Suspension

I stand to be corrected but it will be obviously hard to convince me that there is a more interesting application than Twitter. 

So imagine being suspended from accessing your only source of online entertainment.

Phone loss

In this social media era, I wonder how many people below the age of 30, would survive a day or two without a phone. 

Now picture this; There is no power, you are suspended from Twitter and suddenly you lose your phone. 


While the public continues to be reminded on the importance of social distancing and observing hygiene, I would not want to think what would happen if we experience floods.

That would actually mean people being displaced and that would definitely jeopardize every effort put out to curb Covid-19.

Mama Mboga’s absence

If things get worse and Kenya went into lockdown like other countries, things will get a bit tougher for everyone.

For example, it won’t be business as usual for your mama  mboga ad since everyone would be restricted to move around, imagine if you had not stocked enough vegetables. Total chaos.