otile nabayet

Fam, can we all agree that Otile Brown‘s new bae, Nabayet, is quite the upgrade from cantankerous exes who discuss his performance in the bed as if that is any of our business?

But you enjoyed every drop of the spillage of that tea. Didn’t you?

Things Otile is doing with Nabayet that Vera did not enjoy

Moving right along, I was scouring these damned internets for a story to tell, hangover notwithstanding, and I came across some photos of the Cushite babe and I must admit that this beauty has yams!

No, I will not elaborate on what yams are a reference to ‘you can Google’.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share photos of this spleng ting whom I wouldnae mind shooting my shot at after she and Otile are done because, given his track record, it’s only a matter of time till he fudges things up.

Check her out below:

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I'm wearing pants, I promise šŸ˜¶

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