The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has been bashed lately by many Kenyans for their banning spree of any visuals they deem too sexy for TV. These range from films to adverts and music videos. On social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, the wrath of Kenyans towards the government-run entity has been pouring like the biblical fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Rage. Displeasure. Anger. More anger. All this has been manifested in their tweets and posts,  leaving some of us asking: where does the buck stop? What do we really want on our televisions? Whats should be on our televisions? Who defines which content is morally upright on our TVs?

Among the people who have been so angered by the actions of KFCB is one Davidson Ngibuini, aka DNG. The former radio host and singer/rapper, and now seasoned emcee and hypeman, feels like the Board has overstepped its mandate by being ignorant when banning TV content.


This is what he had to say…

“Government, oh government… How misplaced and misinformed can you be? Foreign soap operas with kissing scenes bore us to death throughout the day and you go ahead and ban an ad with a kissing scene? Now you ban betting?? Can’t guys decide how to spend their hard-earned cash?? Finally, in this over-sexed nation and thirsty generation, where ‘mundai’ is a by-the-way, surely, don’t you think we need more ads promoting safe sex?? Which bubble does this Kenya Film Classification Board live in?? But hey, I am just a citizen. I hear government always knows best. Right.” – DNG