Thursday is the new Friday for most people thus the hashtag #thirstythurday. The Hashtag, for all who do not follow social media trends, is basically an early start to the weekend where young adults go out to get sloppy and enjoy themselves.

Nairobi Hip Hop raspody, definitely understands this and has a special treat for all the hip hop fans especially those in a #thirstythursday mood. They are holding a party at Ebony lounge today from 9 p.m featuring the best Dj in town, Dj Hpnotiq.

According to Dj Hypnotiq the event will be a must attend for all hip hop fans, through twitter he wrote: If you wanna experience real hiphop music then come to Ebony lounge tonight for #NairobiRapsody for real hiphop @NairobiHipHop with yours.

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