Nigerian pop star Wizkid, 25, has been rated Nigeria’s best-dressed pop star by Vogue Magazine.

The international magazine published an interview Wizkid on February 19 on its site; “Wizkid is pretty much the biggest thing in Nigerian pop, which itself seems to advance on the global music stage almost as quickly as the country’s economy, one of the fastest growing in the world.”

Wizkid’s fashion sense was described as “trendsetting” with “a thoughtful and fun approach to wardrobe: clean lines and minimalism; a mix of fresh streetwear with traditional Nigerian clothes; and bold, bright accessories.”


During the interview Wizkid stated that he likes wearing any type of designer clothing; “Yeah, I like me some Bape, you know. But I wear anything to be honest. Adyn, Rick Owens, Givenchy, anything. I shop from everywhere. We’re talking with BBC to make clothes for my tour.”

Wizkid also revealed that he designs his clothing that are specially made for him by Nigerian tailors; “I design everything myself, and I get them to make it. I do a little sketch; sometimes I just sit down with a tailor and describe what I want.”


He added; “Sometimes we go back and forth, like, for days, trying to get it right. Sometimes it’ll take a day to make it, sometimes three, four days. I have a lot of tailors. If I want something made in 12 hours, it will be made in 12 hours.”

When asked about his fashion icon, this is what he said; “I love Pharrell’s style. It inspires me. It’s not about the brands, you know, it’s how you put them together. Everything he rocks, he makes it look so good.”


Wizkid who was embroiled in a paternity scandal a few weeks ago is currently working on his EP (extended play) which will roll out before his anticipated third album.