Over the weekend, madam president, Akothee collapsed on stage during the Luo Festival held in Kisumu.

Remember a few days ago she was in the hospital. She posted saying she will forever be indebted to Nelly Oaks who saved her life. You can read all about it below:

‘2 minutes in I could not breath’ Akothee narrates near death experience


It was a traumatic experience for her however she still traveled to Kisumu and gave a killer performance alongside FBI dancers where she collapsed on stage in front of the huge crowd.

Watch the video below:

This worried her daughter Rue Baby,who sadly this time round wasn’t there for her famous mum, unlike before.
She posted on social media telling her mother,

Wait this just dint happen 😭😭😭😭you need to rest mama please😭😭@akotheekenya

Her legion of fans are worried too, especially after she delivered such a lit performance.

We really do hope she will take time to recuperate because we need her not so much so for her music but for her drama.

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