Many would say Brown Mauzo is a gentleman, at least those who spent Valentine’s with him might think so. I wouldn’t go as far as these here lasses as he is clearly a ladies man, but he proved to know how to treat them on this special day. (Note the use of the plural, them).

Just after Brown revealed his Valentine’s plans, he did not disappoint and went ahead to treat at least 12 ladies during Valentine’s – sorry if I’m pouring salt onto your wounds…

Wueh!!! This Is What Brown Mauzo Did To 12 Ladies In One Night (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, Brown revealed that he entertained 12 ladies in a popular club after which videos of the event went viral.


Brown Mauzo, being that to die for lad, (according to most ladies) invited them to have a good time with him, and he turned up the heat in this packed club, handing out roses AND getting handsy with the ladies. Forget Diamond Platnumz’s ratchet performances, Mauzo seems to have no care about what a girl’s boyfriend will say.

Wueh!!! This Is What Brown Mauzo Did To 12 Ladies In One Night (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)


Mauzo denies that he does not have mafisi characteristics but it is quite evident that the singer doesn’t mind being the victim of ladies’ advances – no matter how forward they may be. Did I mention his sense of style? The lad rocks pure gold (or so he says) so it seems that his music is making money for him. He, however, refuses to tell how much his golden accessories are actually worth. Hataki kujishow!

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