Award winning actress Nyce Wanjeri has been making headlines ever since she won the best actress award at the AMVCAs. She was nominated among Africa’s best stars like Rita Dominic Adesua Etomi, Dakore Akande, Queen Mwokoye and Bimbo Ademye and she emerged the winner.

Nyce is best know from the comedy show, Auntie Boss, which she has been part of for years.

But she has come out to announce that she is officially not going to be part of the show.

She started off by expressing how great things have been going for her, even landing another nomination for the NEA Awards.

First of All, God Ni Msoo! It has been a beautiful period for me and I thank the Almighty for his grace and amazing love! An AMVCA win, another nomination that is NEA Awards, and very many other things I’ll keep sharing with time, have been blessing me recently that I have so much joy I can only say thank you!

Also a big thank you to all those who came to watch me on stage recently, coz as my first love, the stage has always had a special place in my heart.”

She explained that she will be appearing in the next episode for the last time as she will no longer be in the show.

Now, for 15 seasons, that is almost 200 episodes on NTV, Auntie Boss has been my home. I have been humbled to work with an amazing production house that is Moonbeam and their very able selection of cast and crew. I have been blessed and lucky so far, but that beautiful journey that started 3 or so years ago is soon coming to an end.

This coming Tuesday, the 18th of September, will have me on my last fresh episode of Auntie Boss on NTV, lakini repeats zitakuwa Maisha Magic bado. I won’t pretend to not be a little bit sad because Shiro is a character I had personally fallen in love with.

Nyce explained that as much as she will not be in the show anymore, she will continue entertaining her fans in one way or another.

“She was a dear to many Kenyans and the amazing time I’ve spent on set watching the amazing actors and actresses grow are moments I am going to treasure forever! But whatever has a beginning must have an end, and so this chapter of Shiro must come to an end to make way for something else, somewhere else.

I promised that I’ll keep entertaining till I have no strength left in me so I will continue in one way or another. We can only thank God that this is happening while we are at the top, with wins and nominations and continental recognition for myself and also the show Auntie Boss na sio kuchoka mmechoka na sisi.”

She went on to make it clear that she will not appear as Shiro as it is a character under the show;

Also, it will not only be my last episode on the show, but the last time you the fans will interact with me as Shiro. Since I am no longer under the show and the production company that owns the show and the character Shiro, I am required to no longer appear or engage as Shiro. I know I have no control over the millions of fans of the show referring to me as Shiro Warugongo on social media or on the streets, sitalenga, nitaitika na selfie tutapiga. All I am trying to say is I no longer represent the company or the show or the character Shiro, so anything I do or say is for Nyce Wanjeri.”

She concluded;

I have been acting since I was in primary school, but it is Auntie Boss that made me a household name which I greatly appreciate. Auntie boss is a show with amazing talent, and it has friends and colleagues that I will keep watching and supporting despite the fact that I won’t be part of the show. Let us all support them as it helps the individuals to grow and also grows local content and talent in Kenya.

Sikuwa na mengi ya kusema, ni hayo tu machache kwa sasa. Let’s keep watching Kenyan plays, movies and TV shows, and create that same culture in our country of support for our own ndio tugrow kabisa. God bless you all and thanks again for following my work.

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