The gay community in Kenya is now tired of hiding and are out of the closet. The likes of Noti Flow, Joji and now Letoya Johnstone are making headlines. Recently, Letoya stepped up his/her game (I’m not really sure how to describe the sexuality) to keep the online community talking.



He shared a few photos from his recent bikini photo shoot to flaunt his ‘curves’ however this backfired on him. Of course people were not gonna let that slide that easy.

Apparently the model trainer claims that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body. In short he’s transgender.

Jaffar Jackson, was the first man to claim he was transitioning into a woman after many years of hiding in a man’s body. And now Letoya has joined the movement.

Most African countries have still not been welcoming to this culture and its really hard to accommodate it.

Well check out the photos of Letoya in a pool.