Watu Na Viatu singer Nyota Ndogo cannot stand the long distance relationship she is in with her Dannish hubby.

Months after she was married to her mzungu hubby, Henning Nielsen, the songstress has been shuffling back and forth to see and spend time with her man.

Nyota’s husband has also been in and out of the country due to business matters but it seems the singer cannot take it anymore as she went to social media to share how much she misses him.

“Ushawai kumiss mtu mpaka ukalia kama mtoto? Yani namisi tu sana sijui nimfate kesho? Hii distance inaniumiza sijui nihamie uko jamani?” She wrote

nyota ndogo

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She then shared a photo of her kissing her husband perhaps to show fans how much this man meant to her.

The mother of two has never shied away from talking about her family life.