DJ Shiti is a well known comedian for his role on Real Househelps of Kawangware where he was a co-star to Njugush before he left.

The two present a unique side of comedy and have become many Kenyans favorite.

A special message from DJ Shiti is evident that he spent a lot of time with Njugush back in their acting days, and how he has witnessed the career growth of Njugush, a big brand everyone wants to be associated with.

He wrote Njugush’s wife Celestine a sweet message.


The message was to sincerely thank her for who she is in Njugush’s life from day one when he had nothing to now where is one of the biggest comedians in Kenya.

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Read his message below:

To be sincere there is no love story that has ever made me happy like this one, this beauty believed in my rother when he was just raw talent, raw material raw everything. she did not see him as firewood bi saw expensive furniture she did not see the black color rather she saw whitewash. she did see him with a normal eye rather the third eye. as the veteran of Kenya Mass George Jilo, Phillip Karaja and Abel say. even when she was told her husband’s suit is for a pastor, she saw TD Jakes designer suit or even Burale’s. I salute you sisters for having the kindest of hearts. holding on to hustlers and seeing the difference in him that many could not see. today Njugush is creating traffic online and on TV commercials. I celebrate you, Celestine.

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