Githeri man has been trending for the past three days now after he was spotted queuing just like everyone else to cast his vote, eating githeri from a transparent plastic bag. People on social media started looking for him and yesterday he was found safe and sound.

His real name is actually Martin Kamotho and he comes from Kayole; married and blessed with a girl.

Huddah new ride

Well, Huddah has not been left behind as she has joined Kenyans in celebrating Githeri Man. She went ahead to state that if Martin gets money, he will be so hot and that she’d even date him.

Adelle Onyango And Shaffie Weru Join Kenyans In Celebrating The Githeri Man (Audio)

Thirst trap of the highest order. At this point, I’m pretty sure Huddah is not the only lady who’s actually thirsting over Githeri man, now that he’s landing deals left, right and center.

Check out her post below:

huddah githeri man

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