Kweli Mungu ni mwema!

Professor Hamo is without a doubt one of the most loved celebrities in Kenya’s number one comedy show Churchill show.

Herman Kago, his real name, Nakuru’s finest is one lad that has had a tough past. Well, that is according to what his FBF photos tell us.

You see him with his hairy head, his over-sized clothes all in the name of making you happy. But then, have you ever asked yourself how this comedian came to be?

professa Harmo 1

Hamo had gone for auditions time and time again without making it through. But then came this time when he finally made it to the stage, he left people in stitches and as they all say, the rest is history.

Back in the day when Hamo was this unrecognized Nakuru guy, he did not even resemble the guy we see now. I tell you he was tiny!

Hold on, isn’t this Churchill? Proof that ‘watu hutoka mbali?’

churchill tbt

Well, check out Hamo’s FBF.

PS: Don’t laugh at him, we all came from somewhere;

Professa Harmoo


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