Huddah Monroe is part of the rich kids of Nairobi squad.

She confessed that she pays ksh650,000 per month for the rent in her house that she calls a small a$$ home.

Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe

She posted a video getting into her house and the amount she pays in dollars claiming that it makes her work hard to get the best out of life and pay for her rent.

this small a$s apartment is $6500 a month. tell me what won’t make you hustle harder if you lived here

Huddah lives the high-end life driving the latest posh cars, visiting the most expensive countries and sleeping in 5-star hotels.

A few weeks ago she showed off a man she would wish would give her babies as they were partying in the US at the Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills one of the poshest and expensive hotels in the US.

It had been a while since we last saw Huddah on holiday. She said it is because she is busy making money so she doesn’t have time for the yacht life.

We all though ha! This is a message to Vera because at that time, she was all over social media showing off the kind of life you dream of.

‘We would make cute babies’ Huddah introduces her future baby daddy

Here is a sneak peek of Huddah’s ksh650,000 ‘small’ house per month:

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