Kanze Dena is a sweetheart and we love her for being a hardworking lady who inspires many in this country.

Her career has grown over the years and one thing we love about her is how open she is to sharing her stories with her fans.

Just like everyone else, she too has that one photo you look at and wonder, what was I even thinking?

Taking to social media, Kanze shared a throwback photo with her close friend over 20 something years ago.

She made fun of how she didn’t have jeans and how one was required to put on a leso after wearing trousers.

She wrote, “😂😂😂 I have given you the power to laugh… Na hata we wewe ulikuwa high school na ulipiga picha… Haidhuru…. Was wondering how come Mimi sikuwa na trousers… Now that kingz and Patco had them. Nikakumbuka by this time I didn’t own a trouser!! 😂😂 umazera wakati huo ukivaa trouser sharti ufunge lesso…😂😂😂 N hu.. Yaliopite si ndwele. Leah Kingori si we take another photo like this …20 something years later on the 10th of Feb… High school reunion.. ama namna gani deskie .. Patco your deskie needs you tooooo.”

Two days ago, Kanze revealed that she’s lost her loving father. She took to social media to post a photo of her father with a moving message.

Ni mnyonge moyo Wangu,…..Baba yangu tenda kwangu… ……Upendavyo…. Harry Stephens Kitao your legacy lives on…. #thatseasonagain#onedayatatime#RIPBABA,” she wrote.

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