Stigah and Kaymo released the song Thitima which up to date is an anthem. Kenyans embrace the song because of how catchy it is and quite different from what we are used to hearing.

Well, the song is now being celebrated not only in Kenya but internationally too. In an interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the Stars, Stigah revealed that the song was actually used in a documentary by Nat Geo and was also used by Nike.


The song was used in a documentary ya Eliud Kipchoge by Nat Geo and Nike. They used Thitima as their background song,” he revealed.

He also confessed that he when recording the song, he didn’t think it was going to be a hit and the outcome was just a “shocker“.

When asked if he has ever felt like quitting music and just doing a 8-5 job, he said, “I have actually done that and entered into business because there comes a time when music is not bringing back. You know when it’s that baby and then you are thinking this baby will ever grow teeth. So its a reality and the challenge is real. People have quit music and I have been in that trend of quitting but then you have to wake up and believe in yourself and what you’re doing and focus and be patient and just trust the process.”


He also revealed he’s been doing music for over a decade. “Its been like over a decade, coming in with a jam, going out , coming back in, doing solo projects and we are doing it even now.”

Before music, Stigah got into business but he felt that music was really what he wanted to do.

“I used to bring chicken from the farm, and also bring fish from Kisumu and sell them in retail and wholesale. It used to bring money but then again there comes that passion that is like a curse to you, if you don’t do it inakukula akili. So it reached a point in 2014 I decided I’m facing this music head on.”


He is currently promoting his new song ‘Yes Kidole’.

So what really inspired him to do the song? “My song was inspired by these kids possibly the most populated school in Kenya, Mwiki. These kids have talent and enjoy life and are positive and they are achieving and have won titles as actors and guys with exceptional talents.”

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