Fam, miss me with the bullshit about Amber Ray (Faith Makau) posting risque photos because she wants to celebrate her body fam.

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Amber Ray, a mother of one who has been the go-to video vixen when RnB artistes want to portray a love relationship in their music videos, was actually at some point “married” to failed politician and “business” tycoon Zaheer Jhanda who was mentioned in a recent fraud scandal was even posting inspirational messages with her thirst traps but now all pretences have been dropped.

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And as I said earlier, Nyashinski isn’t the only one who is tired of this strategy these trollops and “divas” use when posting their thirst traps. Anyway, the photos she has posted has prompted alot of thirsty, simping comments from men:

And these are photos that at some point were captioned with gobbldeygook about her being a Sorpio and you know, Scorpios are supposedly crazy:

If you’re a giver,always looking out for others, always feeling drained because you break yourself so others can stay together, take a break from it. Add value to your own life first. Add self love and peace to your life first. Be more selfish!