‘It Was Time For Me To Serve God’ Tero Mdee Explains Why She Went Back To Tanzania

Tero Mdee was Kenya’s sweetheart years ago when she decided to kill us with her stunning self and amazing presenting skills.

But all of a sudden, Tero went missing and no one knew where and why she went silent.

Later on, it was reported that she had moved back home and even got married to a pastor. This came as a shock because many didn’t understand why she decided to take that route.

Well, all these questions we have had in our heads for a really long time have finally been answered.

Tero, who changed her name to Nancy Hebron, has been in the country for a few days now for a media tour, promoting her first gospel song, Taa Ya Miguu Yangu.

Speaking to Adelle Onyango on Breakfast With The Stars, Tero opened up on why all of a sudden, she decided to move back home, Tanzania, and do ministry.

It was time for me to serve God and the only way I could do that was to be able to transition into now, from this hype entertainment, all over the place person to be able to just calm down and give God time to mould me, to change me and to be able to be used. I think for me as me, I don’t think you could minister to people when you have that much energy. As in the person Tero was and putting her in a spot where she has to minister, I think it would have been too much, so there had to be time to transition and telling people that I’m leaving to go do ministry, I thought it would have been hard for people to digest that, so I was like let’s try and make it easier and clearly it wasn’t easier but let’s just leave silently,” she explained.

Adelle went on to ask her if Nancy Hebron was always part of Tero and she said, “Nancy is a bit more reserved and shy, so I had to have this person who wasn’t afraid of the camera, who wasn’t afraid to speak out, who wasn’t afraid to jump around, so that was Tero.”

So did she know she was going to serve God from the beginning?

I knew I was gonna serve God somehow but I didn’t think it would be in ministry. I knew maybe I would work and contribute to churches and help build in certain ways. I didn’t know God had bigger plans. I remember in school, I started fellowship groups and did Bible Studies. So basically there was always something there.”

Listen to the full interview below;

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