Anerlisa is one of those women who never shy away from speaking their minds and if you cross her, best believe she will definitely address the issue publicly.

She has been trolled so many times and she always takes her time to address the issue. It’s a new year and she’s not about to entertain trolls.

Taking to social media, she slammed trolls who have so much time on their hands to wake up and feed negativity on her timeline.

She wrote;

“I cant believe the sort of things people worry about . I bet half of ya’ll have no goals or dreams for 2019… all you do is wake up, feed, get on people’s pages to troll them down then back to sleep and you be busy saying “2019 was a bad year”…NO DEAR it wasn’t a bad year, it’s because you spending too much time on people’s business and not caring about yours… Yeah we on the second month of the year and you got nothing going on for you..TIME TO GET SERIOUS AND DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL WITH YOUR LIFE. Don’t say I dint tell you.”

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