Media personality Julie Gichuru borrows her fashion style from Hollywood actress Salma Hayek, who to be honest, dresses like a goddess. Now we know why Julie Gichuru always looks amazing, like all the time amazing.

Julie shared this picture of her outfit and compared it to what Salma wore below, and we love it.

Right from her hair to her shoes. she is probably a fashion motivation to many elegant ladies out there.

For those of you who don’t know Salma Hayek, is an American film actress, and a producer.

Her career began in soap operas and moved on to appear in films such as ‘ From Dusk Till Dawn’, ‘Wild Wild West’, and ‘Dogma’


Above is a photo of Julie in a black suit, that compares to what Salma Hayek wore below. Striking similarity isn’t it?

The most surprising similarities about these two celebrities is that they even look alike, for real though, you’d mistake one for another if they wore the same hair.

Hii ndio kazi ya gym! Julie Gichuru shows off her amazing body

Julie penned down thoughts about her inspiration on Instagram

She noted how her daughter got confused about the similarity calling Salma her doppelganger.

I said to my daughter, this is my style icon.
She glanced at the pic and replied, “Isn’t that you???”
I am now pondering upon what special treat to surprise her with 🙌❤😅#Repost@salmahayek
• • • • •
#sundayvibes que tengan un lindo Domingo @solerfashion

These two women dress amazingly and if you are looking to be elegant as well, head on over to their social media and copy their fabulous wardrobe.

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