Have you ever met two people who looked so much alike and yet in two different continents? Surprise! Victoria Kimani and Nicki Minaj would probably be twins in another world.

Victoria Kimani

These two celebrities look so much alike that even their sense of fashion seems to match from the hair to the fashion style.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj who has recently had her fans confused and speculating on whether or not she is pregnant. this was after a video she posted of her husband Kenneth rubbing her belly. well, she gave us reason to.

Nicki red weave
Victoria red braids

You see, she said that she has finally obtained what she always wanted, happiness. being in a happy place probably means going for that end goal. so, is Nicki really preggy? time will tell.

Nicki’s copyright, on the other hand, Victoria Kimani has alot going on in her life and the proof is in her photos.

She posted pictures of herself in January in a swimsuit and oh my! we saw it all. the bikini body and all. what can we say maybe ‘she felt cute might delete later’ kind of photos.

Now that you are filled up on the goings on in their lives, do you think the two look like legit twinnies.

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