Timmy Tdat poses with a semi automatic rifle

Timmy Tdat is one of the most talented artistes in Kenya. I would definitely be curious to find out how much MCSK sent him though…

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He recently released a new track called Why Me and the jam features Rostam and Ruby and I must say the jam is a complete departure from what I am used to him singing about. The eclectic artiste usually releases party anthems and they often become party bangers which explains why he is always flying across the country to different concerts and club appearances.

This time though, he chose to tackle a song about crime that actually is impressive because it sounds like a rather introspective jam in which Timmy Tdat looks back at his life.

The video features him running after committing a robbery only to be cornered by a mob and being saved by police officers who arrive before he got lynched. He ends up and remand and for you to see how that turns out you really need to watch the rest of the video.

The details of the song and music video are as follows:

The track was produced by Hamado on the beat. It was later mixed and mastered by Vicky Pondis.
The video was shot and edited by Traveller of Kwetu studios.

Let us know what you think of the jam.


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