Tina Kaggia finally shows off her adorable son after months, as she only used to share stories about him and how the son, Cradle Kagecu Muya, would brighten up her day and was the source of her strength when she was down.

Tina spoke to Kiss 100 and said that motherhood is awesome, and enjoyable though it’s a little tiring, but that she is getting used to it and that the little boy has established a sleeping pattern, which is much better.

The boy is now 3 months old and oh my, the child is adorable, and he is all grown up and looks strong and very healthy. Tina is scared to come back to work, but says she will find a way to balance the two. She is also very private with her family life and prefers to keep away from paparazzi.

Tina looks awesome and sexy too and is back in shape, for a woman who just gave birth about three months ago. Go girl! Check her out below.


Congrats Tina and Masanduku Junior, we are so happy for you, and all the best in bringing up your little bundle of joy.


CradleBaby Cradle.