Madtraxx also known as Maddy is one exceptional man who has taken the music industry with a bang. He’s not only a singer but also a producer who has worked with some of the biggest artistes in the country.

One thing that we admire about Maddy is how committed he is to his family despite having a tight schedule almost everyday.

madtraxx and family

Unlike other celebrities who prefer to hide their families from the public eye, he always shares photos and videos of his family and we just love how he bonds with his daughter, sharing videos of her little milestones.

Well, the little one will not be the center of attention any more. Madtraxx recently shared photos of his newborn and I must say, the baby is adorable.

He posted a photo of him holding the little one with the caption, “latest member of the team.”

madtraxx and baby

His fans were super excited showering him with congratulatory messages.

Read some of them below;

mimmokenya: Awww shhoooo cuuuuute!

kimothojackie: Wow!!Cuzo you look great….my niece ako tu sawa

niniwacera: Cutest little cookie!!

junegachui: She is adorable!!!! Hello littu niece!!

mutonialice: Ooooh my God I feel like I want to hold her in my hand ooooh soooo cuuuuute

wdjay: Congrats boss

trinamira: Aawwh!! Amazed 😍🙏🏽 bless fam

emkenda1: Mtto mzuri mnoooo,hongera sana

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