Kate Actress delivered a baby girl early this year and we must say this is the pregnancy Sauti Sol, Amos and Josh were talking about. Anakuja na sahani yake.

She got push gifts every woman would dream of. From a trip to the Maldives to a car. Phillip Karanja is just husband goals.

It took Kate 13 years to be ready and this was the best time. At the peak of her career and when her husband’s company has really grown.

She has still not given Instagram in-laws the privilege to see her babies face but she says they are twins, must be her look alike. Her reason for keeping her baby’s face and name away from the public eye is because she is protecting her from the cruel social media streets.

‘It was a near death experience’ Kate Actress talks child birth

Before she gave birth, Kate had that scary feeling like any other mother would. She took to social media sharing a post saying,

Child birth is honestly a near-death experience… you honestly have one foot in the grave, am still so grateful to God for my little miracle

It has only been a few months but Kate Actress’ body has already snapped back you’d forget she was pregnant just the other day.

We might not see her baby girl’s face but this picture below gives you a sneak peek to a healthy baby. Clearly, she is doing a good job as a mother.

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