Dis tew much. Am I the only one who is tired of this generation promoting se3uality with their content?

Willy Paul has released a new song, that might have just pushed boundaries. Oh and his new girlfriend is his video vixen.

Willy Paul posts selfie, fans accuse him of being a devil worshipper

The lyrics, oh dear, if you are a parent please buy your child some earmuffs, just to be safe. Willy Paul has decided to go nasty with his music. let us just conclude this, and he is neither confirming nor denying if he has switched from gospel to secular.

In an interview heard by Kiss 100, Pozee spoke about his goals for 2020 saying

“2020 isn’t going to be any different lakini tutaenda a notch higher. The project I am releasing tomorrow is going to be the talk of the town. I will not state the name of the song but it will be good.”

In the video we see his mzungu girlfriend gyrating all over and him singing dirty lyrics to her. aaargh! Willy Paul, you went too far with this.

Hapa amevuka mpaka! Willy Paul features nvde models in his new song teaser (VIDEO)

Here is a sample of what he decided to give his fans;

you haffi call me, you but it in baiby girl, me haffi make you wet, before me f*** you me lady mmh. do you want it in the sofa, or do you want it in the bedroom, tell me me lady.

This comes days after he shared a video suggesting he is an ambassador of a liquor brand on Instagram.


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