Khaligraph Jones/ Instagram

He’s an OG for a reason and no one is about to change that anytime soon.

You might think you know Khaligraph Jones based on the things he’s said maybe on social media or during interviews, but you just don’t know the real OG.

Khaligraph has been flying high with his album Testimony 1990, that he released in June, a launch that saw his fans sing and dance along to his hit jams.

Khaligraph Jones has a message for all the girls who didn’t give him the time of day

Well, Papa Jones has always been open about where he came from but there are things we actually didn’t know about his life, that he has finally shared.

Well, in a video he’s shared on social media free styling, he revealed that his brother drowned when he was only 7years old, something that really hurt him.

He also went ahead to reveal that he was once arrested in Industrial area for stealing a phone.

Khaligraph Jones/ Instagram


He further went on to share the pain he felt knowing his father was back at home dying of Diabetes.

His revelation is quite sad he concludes by saying that people shouldn’t judge him based on his tough looks, it’s just coz he’s been through much in life.

Watch the whole video below;

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