A little bit of heat in your food goes a long way. It actually makes the food taste better.

Though there are always those people who take it to the extreme and push the boundaries. If your ones of those people when it comes to hot sauces then get ready.

You’ve never taken hot sauces like these ones before. They are measured by units called scoville level. Tabasco pepper sauce is about 2500-5000 the highest scoville level on this list is 9,000,000 scoville. So if your going to try and partake of any of these hot sauces please be careful and good luck.

10. Blair’s 2 AM reserve extract ( 900,000 scovilles)


Image result for 10. Blair's 2 AM reserve extract ( 900,000 scovilles) twitterBlair’s hot sauce and snack is an American company found in 1989. The are most commonly know for making a range of extremely hot sauces which should be used with caution as a dipping sauce or for marinating food. They have an extremely wide variety of sauces but one of their most hottest is the Blair’s 2 am reserve extract. It’s over 100 times hotter than jalapeno pepper and has a complex blend or fresh peppers and extracts. Use with caution. The package even reads “Purchaser of this product hereby acknowledges the intense heat factor of this product and the element of danger if misused.”

9. Artifact acute burn pepper extract ( 1 M scovilles )

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This is the first of the artifact burn sauces which are hand crafted in America and given to you shaped in a skull shaped bottle. This is the closest you’d get to ghost peppers which were once considered the hottest peppers in the world and packs enough heat that it could kill a human being.

8. Da Bomb final answer hot sauce (1.5 M scovilles )

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This is the hottest out of the line of da bomb ranges of hot sauces. It’s called the final answer to those who are questioning how hot it is. Like all the others on this list it’s not to be used  as a sauce it should be used as an additive so be careful.

7. Artifact severe burn (2 M scovilles)

Image result for 7.Artifact severe burn (2 M scovilles)As if the scoville level on this sauce was’t hot enough. It’s more as a collectors item than a sauce but if your crazy enough to try it you can find it at amazon.com. You are highly advised do not let this sauce touch any part of your body as it could cause skin irritation.

6. Artifact extreme burn ( 3 M scovilles)

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This is the third and the last artifact pepper burn sauces on this list. It’s just as dangerous as the previous ones with a scoville level so high it would make your brain melt.

5. Pepper palace the hottest sauce  in the universe the 2nd dimension.( 3.5 M scovilles)

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Imagine taking Tabasco hot sauce now imagine that 700 times hotter. That’s what you get when you take”the hottest sauce in the universe.” According to the company this sauce is about 3.5 million scovilles so good luck when consuming this cause your going to need it.

4. Ca Johns Z nothing beyond (4 M scovilles )

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Ca Johns fiery foods is a company that was started at  2002 by John Hard. They offer a range of hot sauces, salsa and barbecue sauces . But the most hottest sauce they offer is their”… nothing beyond.” It’s so impressively hot and flavorful that it earns awards . It’s difficult at this point to still classify this as a hot sauce but there you go.

3. Mad dog 44 magnum (4 M scovilles)



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This sauce is made with pure capsaicin extract which is a compound found in peppers and causes a burning effect when coming into contact with mammal membranes. Only a hand full of people are crazy enough to try this. Add a little bit in your food or don’t even bother adding at all. Save yourself the trouble.

2. Ca John’s get bitten Black mamba six ( 6 M scovilles )

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Made with chocolate habaniros, vinegar and packing 6 million scovilles. This is one of the hottest sauces in the world. If you get to this point your in the major leagues now.

  1. Mad Dog 357 plutonium no.9 (9 million scovilles)


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The most dangerous places in the world you can visit

This sauce is so hot that the company that makes it gives their customers a warning advising you “only use a toothpick tip size,” when consuming it. A toothpick tip size ! That’s how hot this is. Countless people have done a reaction on tasting this sauce and from viewing them you definitely want to pass this one. But if your bold enough to try, prepare to be uncomfortable for the whole day maybe the whole week. Your really going to feel it. More than you know!

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