The rap genre has been a male dominated field. But that is changing.

Now, the industry is being held hostage by the lyrical prowess and sheer force of Queens. They reign over the industry.

Here are our favorite top 10 femcees of 2018;

  1. Stella Mwangi a.k.a STL

Stella Mwangi a.k.a STL is a Kenyan-Norwegian singer. Her latest track ‘ No Games’ has gained her a number of followers and new fans including American actor Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock whom states his amusement and love for a line in the song;

Oh Lord look what I got though, No Dwayne but I Rock though”the Norwegian-based rapper rhymes.”

Go girl! You gaht this. No Games.

No Games is a soundtrack in the latesr season of TV series Ballers.

2. Muthoni Drummer Queen.

Stage name MDQ.

‘She’ her latest album consists of 12 tracks that bring out the real definition of a spirited African woman ready to go beyond all odds and conquer.

MDQ brings forth all sorts of flawless blend elements of hip-hop, blues, dance hall, retro-soul, future R&B; as well as distinct African rhythms in the featured tracks.

Kenyans are not ready for this beauty, her music is just out of the world. I cant get enough of the ‘ SUZIE NOMA‘ dance video.

Who’s boarding?

3. Fena Gitu.


After the release of ‘She Doing Her Thing Tho’ last year, Fena released ‘Trouble‘ as her first single in 2018. The Afro pop club banger is definitely a big hit track. The song gives a story of fantasy love between two strangers and their undeniable chemistry.

Are we waiting for more? Oh yes! We are Fena.

Continue doing your thing tho.

4. Noti Flow

Natalie Florence, Girl you not only turn heads but break necks.

She’s a rapper and also an actress in the Nairobi Diaries. Her easy lyric flow and rhyme sets her apart at a queening level from track ‘Kamatia‘ her latest has to be ‘Sham Sham‘ featuring Dully Melody.

Do tell us if it is a hit or a miss.

5. Wangechi

Brand her as a young, bold, talented, passionate Kenyan rapper always dropping them hits. Her recent solo track, ‘Used To It’ was the talk of town.

This was topped by the sucess of her most recent release, a collaboration with the amazing Phy on track ‘Comeback’.

The song is very emotional and it highlights abusive relationships and how both men and women handle the situation differently. The ladies can act, I must say. This track is sick! The visual without the audio states a lot and vice versa.

Proof that Dennis Okari has moved on from Betty Kyallo! His thoughts on Betty being dumped…

6. Femi One

Femi One’s energy is vibrant yet rich and can be felt not only in the airwaves but also during her live performances.

The use of Swahili and sheng sets her at a very distinct level from other female rappers but mostly an advantage competition among the male rappers.

She has had collabo’s with different artists; Mejja, Madtrax, Kristoff, Jack Jack on the beat among others.

From banger tracks Brikicho, Pilau Njeri, Luku Luku, Tippy Toe to Zaga Zaga she confidently brings out her best. Kwa kweli yeye ni Femi One among ma-feminine.


7. The Only Rosa

Super talented Rosaline Akinyi came into limelight after she did a cover of Nishike by Sauti Soul which opened doors for her in the industry.

She has solo tracks that include Mr DJ, Mchezo ni kwako, to her most recent track titled Ride. She also performed at a past Naija night where she curtain raised for Nigerian singer Burna Boy and currently  has a track with Naiboi titled ‘Inside’.

Definitely looking forward to out of the world bangers from this beauty.

8. Petra

Guess who’s back. YES!  Petra who is of Kenyan-Seychelles descent is back to the rap game. She dropped a track “I got that” featuring Victoria Kimani. Her tremendous energy can not go unnoticed.

Petra first appeared in the Ligi soo remix that featured her along other artists, early this year she collaborated with Khaligraph Jones on a track called Rider.


9. Kash Kaaria

She is the new girl on the block.

Her love for fashion made her set up a blog that later got her nominated for BAKE Awards after only an year of dabbling in fashion. Her passion for music got her releasing a track ‘Confuse you’

Do check it out and tell us if it’s a hit or a miss?

Looking forward to more dope tracks.

10. Msupa S

She is the unstoppable and confident singer/ rapper who is definitely proving to be a rising star in her own right.

Msupa S’ zeal and confidence to always reinvent herself after her first popular hit Hello Hello, is astonishing as she has had solo tracks and a collabo with Khaligraph Jones on a track Watajuwa Hawajui.

Who could you include in your top top female rapper’s list?

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