Everlyne Aboka
 Kenyan model based in Canada has weighed in on the ongoing school unrest that has culminated in school getting burnt.
Everlyne Aboka who was crowned Top Model Worldwide in London, is concerned about the current state of the education system.
She penned a long post. Read it below.
“Yes it’s wrong to burn down schools. Let’s blame the parents but let’s not forget the root cause of these actions……these students aren’t burning school to go help their parents at home, in most cases they won’t even be home. The root cause of these actions is the fear of facing examinations, as a parent you can teach your child how to combat fear but the pressures of a society that has attached success connotations on getting an A in high school final examinations can’t be a parenting problem. These youths already know the corruption level in the government and any other system around it that they feel the need to get that A, unless otherwise they are screwed especially if their parents aren’t billionaires who can secure them a chance at the university or even workplace through bribery. This goes deeper than parenting and off course the ministry of education which the government and has mandate on choosing the syllabus is to blame as well. Kenyan children are book slaves, there is too much book work for children and some of the information that a child has to remember are just mainly for passing exams and can’t be applied in real life situations! When did you last use equations in real life? Mostly we use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The ministry of Education needs to narrow down what’s taught in school, when I compare my brother in form two in Kenya with a Grade 12 student here in Canada, am surprised that Canada being the country it is, its grade 12 students have time to even have a part time job or even extra curricular activities in the evening, a way of positively using the extra youthful energy in them. On the other hand Kenyan students have mountains of homework! which leaves us with students who have their intellect part of their brains taken care of but the creative part neglected thus creativity leading them to finding avenues of boycotting examinations.

This is not a black and white situation, there is too much at play, let’s go behind the scenes and look for pressures from the society, schools, government(our education system), teachers, peers and above all, get into the mind of those students with sobriety not aggression nor condemnation and in that state you will realize that this is not a parental issue alone. It’s tiers of different issues at play. Let’s not judge by the fires because it could have been worse, let’s search deeper and give our students, parents, schools etc lasting solutions that will make us a great country.”