The private developers behind the alleged land grabbing of  a playground belonging to Langata Road Primary School have been made public, and guess what!

Kenyans on social media went ballistic after the announcement.

Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu announcement was as a result of pressure from Kenyans, for the government to name the alleged land grabbers after numerous accusations that it was unwilling to disclose who is behind the fencing off of the land.

And who are these mysterious individuals under Airport View Ltd Company? Well according to the CS Ngilu: Sadip Sing, Sadit Singh, Kamal Singh and Haban Singh are the alleged nameless individuals.

So do you believe her or not?  We sample some views from #KOT

Faith Kamami ‏@Kamamifay
Ask that again.. do those names even exist in Kenya? “@BoniMtetezi: @mamangilu Are you at peace and sure that you are honest with wananchi ?

DAVID OSIANY ‏@DavidOsiany 

@mamangilu so you think we are ‘a children’? Those are the names you wanted to resign for?

Solacha ‏@pkarnet 
Unajua wahindi hawana watu watafanya demo na kusema .” Our people are being finished ”

Overhaul ‏@Overhaull 
We need to visit the registrar of persons to verify this names; Madip Singh, Madit Singh, Haban Singh & Amrish Singh. #LangataLand

Ndung’u Wainaina ‏@NdunguWainaina 
@mamangilu Are you naming nominees or real grabbers? Remove the lid not conceal main culprit

Noni ‏@koki_nonz 
There is a lot of speculation on who the ‘private developer’ in the #OccupyPlayground saga is… anyone with the real story??

Wairimu’s Daughter ‏@Elishifa 
We are tired of the term “private developer” we want their Names #OccupyPlayGround

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