Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has been trending for the better part of today, after details of her ministries alleged outrageous spending conducted through tenders, was released to the public.

According to the  parliamentary accounts committee, Waiguru’s ministry paid this much for the following items;

  • KSH1.9million was spent for free downloadable Adobe software and
  • KSH250,000 for ten flashdisk
  • KSH1.7 million for a television
  • 20 Ball point pens at a total cost of KShH74,000.
  • KSH 1.5 million for business cards.
  • KSH 4 million for 100 computer  keyboard.
  • KSH 0.93 million for payment of Kaspersky antivirus security kit.
  •  KSH 45,000 for one DVD player.
  • KSH 360,000 for two IPAD tablets.
  • KSH 206,000 for one laptop
  • KSH 450,000 for  18  custom-made male and female condom dispensers
  • One Piano costing KSH235,900

Kenyans, as expected took it to social media to express their disappointment with the alleged waste of their hard earned taxes. Many used memes and gifs to describe how they were dissatisfied.

Others however discussed the issue at hand with a lot of bitterness. Check out the memes and tweets below.

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