From being a taxi driver, to having a gardening service with a couple of friends, Trevor’s CV is undoubtedly jam-packed.

During an interview on US talk show Live! with Kelly, the seasoned comedian opened up about the multiple jobs he’s had, before breaking into the comedy scene, claiming that he’s never believed in being unemployed.


“I had strange jobs, I was a taxi driver at some point,” he started by saying, before pointing out that it was “horrible.”

He explained that the different odours from passengers coming in and out of the taxi made the experience unpleasant.

“It’s just the smells are the thing that get to me. It’s not bad smells, it’s just smells that you can’t get used to. As a taxi driver, the smells are constantly changing,” he said.


Speaking of his other jobs, he revealed: “I had a gardening service with some friends at some point [and] I worked at an arcade. I did everything. I don’t believe in being unemployed.”

The Daily Show host let slip that he also took on DJ’ing at some point, however, without a DJ name – and Kelly subsequently suggested it was the reason why “that never took off.”