Triple Threat: Vanessa Mdee And Her Sisters Nancy Hebron And Mimi Mars Team Up To Release A Gospel Song (Video)

Nancy Hebron, popularly know as Tero Mdee, was among the most celebrated media personalities in the country years ago. She then went missing from the public scene for a really long time, but then it was revealed that she moved back to Tanzania and got married to a pastor.

Many people were left with questions, considering her media career was growing at a fast pace. Well, from the look of things she’s doing great and has joined the music industry.

tero mdee

Last year she released her first gospel song, ‘Taa Ya Miguu Yangu’, which was actually well received by the public and already has over 25k views on YouTube.

Well, Nancy has decided to do something different and included her two sisters Vanessa Mdee and Mimi Mars and together they have released a new gospel song, ‘Beautiful Jesus’. This has come as a shock to many considering Vanessa and Mimi are secular artistes but that hasn’t stopped them from supporting their sister.

vanessa and sisters

Nancy took to social media to share how they came about working together on the new song.

She wrote, “Tuliingia studio kwa lengo moja tu….kuimba! Lakini ikawa zaidi, tuliimba, tulicheka, tulicheza. Mimi ndo niliingia booth wa kwanza nikaimba ubeti wangu nikijua nimefunika 😂😂…..kisha akaingia @mimi_mvrs11 dah dogo alinitoa jasho, moyoni nawaza hayo sijasubutu kusema kwa sauti anisikie…..😅❤ Akatoka Pota @mimi_mvrs11 akaingia caterpillar Somali @vanessamdee. Hiyo caterpillar ikapita akatufunika wote tukalala chini flat!! Kwa kifupi session yetu ilienda hivyo 😀😁.”

Watch the music video below;

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