Zari it would seem has been bitten by a fibbing bug and she is doing the most to show that she has gotten the better end of life since her split from Diamond Platnumz. Zari first started fibbing about moving on and getting married -if Tanzanian bloggers are to be believed:

King Bae unmasked as man with a strong face, Zari breathes FIRE!

Zari who has been showing off a house that she has been remodeling and to be entirely honest, it is a really dope house and she has done herself proud with her remodeling. However, nduru za kuaminika are telling us that the house is not actually Zari’s and she has been fibbing to us once again.

Why this is interesting is because she and her manager have been telling off these damned Googles because they dared get her networth wrong:

Zari’s networth revealed to be 8 million dollars, “King Bae” blasts Google

And this is how things are playing out about Zari’s new house:

Shout out to the_originaleast who for some reason has been on Zari’s headtop for a while now just dishing out serious scoops about Diamond’s ex.