Weezdom is done with the bullshit excuses and he is currently taking on his past head-on if not with some humour. The guy who had to tuck tail and go back to Daddy Bahati after they had a falling out around the business of entertainment, Weezdom has taken a proactive approach to dealing with the scandal.

It’s hard outchea for gospel artistes! Weezdom runs back to daddy Bahati

Weezdom is not playing around and when fans asked him about the series of photos that surfaced online, he didn’t give half-assed denials but instead owned the mess and said he has moved on from that simply saying, “Kitambo”.

Kisonono Manenos: Diana Marua defends Weezdom after he was accused of infecting lover with STD

It should be noted as the fan said above, Nicah has denied that she is anywhere in these series of photos saying instead that it was photoshop or some such excuse. When I reached out to her for a comment on Weezdom’

s statements, she refused to exercise her right of reply.