A couple of days ago, Asap Rocky got arrested in Sweden for alleged assault.

Apparently, the Harlem based rapper and his posse assaulted two Swedish pedestrians and he is now being held in custody. According to reports Rocky is facing up to six years in prison and has been denied bail due to his status as a rapper which the supreme court claims puts him at flight risk.

Rocky’s friend and long-time collaborator Tyler the Creator took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter saying ” no more Sweden for me, ever.”



Schoolboy Q, another one of Rocky’s friends and collaborators, also chimmed in noting he would be  boycotting the country for detaining Asap Rocky.

Even TI chipped into the conversation slamming the country’s decision to hold the rapper in jail.

Seems as if Rocky has the support of his fans and friends who are using the hashtag FLACKO calling for a boycott of the country. The hip hop community has a long-standing history of boycotting products that they claim are against the culture.  In 2006, Frederic Rouzad the manager of the company that makes Cristal champagne was asked by The Economist what he thinks about the popularity of his cherished champagne’s popularity amongst rappers.

Assault: Asap Rocky gets arrested in Stockholm, Sweden

“What can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it,” he replied, comments that rubbed billionaire Jay Z the wrong way, leading to a boycott. Upto date, no rapper drinks this brand.

Gucci and Prada have faced a similar boycott for making clothes that seemed racist. TI, 50 cent and a handful of other famous African American figures spearheaded the boycott and you still find it hard to see them wearing the brand. From the looks of it Swedens up next on that list.

Rocky’s lawyers argued that the incarceration would hinder his career claiming he’s already lost $ 1 million since his incarceration. Rocky isn’t allowed to use his cell phone but he can receive written letters and use the phone provided by the prison

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