The photographer credited with taking the most viral photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta is back again.

Michael Khateli has now purposed to turn his son, Malao into the most recognizable baby in a meme.

Speaking to, Michael said, “The inspiration of the memes was born out of boredom. When the year was starting, our domestic manager was on leave and wifey was at work. So, it was just the two of us – me and my son – at home.”

He explained, “To keep him busy throughout the day, I had to be creative. I would make him pose, and in a way that kept him pre-occupied and most of the time, which would make it easy for me because he would sleep after the “hectic” shoots.”

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The memes have gone viral to a point where a pal of his from Dubai reached out to tell Michael about the meme.

“A friend of mine in Dubai, she said there is one she saw in a mothers’ WhatsApp group. The meme in question is the one of the Domestic manager not showing up after January 4th. But generally, the feedback is really nice.”

That was not the case with the photos he took of Uhuru that mischievous Kenyans used to create funny memes. Michael compares the two reactions to the memes.

“These ones are more personal because he is my son, so most people are kind and polite enough that they ask if they can share, not that I would mind even if they shared without asking. I try and create memes that resonate with the daily mood and day to day happenings. That way, people are relating more to them at a personal level.”

So, what does his wife think about all this ‘turning their son into a meme’ business?

Michael Khateli“When I was starting, the mum had no idea, I just started posting, so I have never actually asked her what she thinks, but she shares each and every one of them, so I think she is okay with it.”

He added, “Her favourite meme is one of the domestic managers who don’t show up for work after the December holidays. I have several favourites, by the one that will get the most likes and most shares will definitely be my favourite.”

The challenge that started January 1, 2019 is currently on day 25 and will continue till day 365.

Sit back and enjoy.

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Here are some of the popular memes so far.

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