Kagwe Mungai has taken the music industry by storm. It’s fair to say 2017 is his year. He partnered with Fena Gitu, Mayonde, MDQ and Blinky and gave a Kenyan anthem, Party Nation and Kama Kawaida, although they didn’t feature Blinky on this track.


A few weeks ago, he released a jam called Nyumbani with the beautiful songbird Alicios. The song has been well received and other people have related to the lyrics.

‘I’m A Lover Not A Fighter’ – Kagwe Mungai Talks About What Inspires Him To Write His Songs

Being a superstar is a pretty hard job and there’s a certain image that one has to put for the public. But, everyone starts from somewhere and you don’t wake up one day and find yourself in the limelight.


Well, Kagwe started from somewhere and he has revealed that he was once a barber while in college.

Kagwe Mungai Urges The Youth To Play Their Part In The Society Wisely (Audio)

In an interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the stars, Kagwe stated that he was in Kisii University and while in college, he used to be a barber.


He said, “I used to be a barber when I was in uni and I had a Kinyozi at the city center. That was way before the music came along. I even shave myself from time to time.”


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