Our man of the hour, Willy Paul has hit us with another club banger.

Please if you’re still hoping to see some hallelujah from this man, give up because he has fully been absorbed into the secular world.

Last week, we saw him go hard on social media claiming that his unreleased song at the time, Chuchuma, was stolen from him by a very famous Tanzanian artiste. That did not stop him from releasing the song and even made it waaaaay better.

A few weeks ago, Rayvanny shared a video while singing to the unreleased song Chuchuma. Willy Paul then shared a video of his own version of Chuchuma and accused the WCB singer of stealing lyrics from him.

Read all the shade he threw at Ravyanny below:

Kamenuka! Willy Paul expresses anger over stolen song

Pozze has released his song Chuchuma. A club banger with a lot of booty shaking. In the song, he throws shade at a ‘Funny Boy’ but we all know he wanted to say Vanny Boy – A name that Rayvanny uses.

He sings,


When we called Willy Paul for a comment he told us that he shared the whole project with the Tanzanian singer. A few minutes later, he was called and had to leave the studio but later on, he went out sharing the song with his fans.

This upset him because Pozzee was not ready to release the song. But now that he has, it is scooping views and a lot of comments. Watch the video below,

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