This past weekend was a rollercoaster for a top Kenyan artiste who was caught pants done in the residence of a slay queen who’s lifestyle is sponsored by a rich tycoon, according to The Raverend Juice.

The rapper who has topped charts and is known for his musical prowess after a successful comeback has been having a torrid affair with the air hostess who lives in Nyayo Estate.

Sources claim that the sponsor of the stewardess got wind of the young man munching his malaika. The old gentleman has funded her expensive lifestyle and had even paid for her latest BMW.

The air hostess was treated like a queen, anything she wanted she got. After all she is quite the looker. She is stunning and has class. The sponsor really liked her,” the source whispered.

Once the trap had been set, the singer/rapper walked into it and took off is trousers. The sponsor caught them red handed and went ahead to beat the rapper like a drum.

The drama caused a lot of commotion that the neighbours got out to be treated to the fracas. The star was beaten black and blue.

The star could not be reached for comment but his management gave a cursory and curt response saying, “Stories za Nairobi even if you comment, no one is interested in the truth. Did it happen? Is it true? Doesn’t matter to guys.”

The rich man who is normally spotted riving in and out of the apartment complex in expensive machinery took away the BMW, credit cards and any financial perks she enjoyed.

The poor lass is stressed, she has tried reaching out to the sponsor asking for forgiveness but the sugar daddy is rilling from the betrayal and is left with a sour taste in his mouth.

The question on everyone’s mind is, will the rapper take on the financial deficit left gaping by the sponsor?

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