Valentine Njoroge is a sex writer and feminist writer based in Nairobi. She has been in the media for over 10 years and has shocked many with her consistence in sharing her ideas on women and sex life.

During an interview with Adelle Onyango on Breakfast with the Stars, Valentine walked us through her journey in the media industry, revealing that she has even driven a truck so as to not stay idle.


So how did she end being a radio presenter?

It just happened. I wanted to be in the media space. I was in Uni in the States and I was like ok I’m going back home and I want to be on TV, and I’ll be Kenya’s Oprah. I came back home and I was kinda depressed. I had come out of an abusive relationship, so I came and didn’t really want to talk about it and my mum could see something was off with me. So she was like, you’re not going to sit at home and do nothing because you are educated and I have instilled in you a thirst for the better things in life, but you’re not driving my car. Get into a matatu and go find a job and then she was like I want you to close the store for me. So there I was driving an FVR Isuzu truck.”


She continued, “So I worked there for like 2 months, and my friend Nini Wacera was working at Capital FM. So I went in to say then met with the Head of Capital and she was like we are hiring. Do you want to do a voice test. I did it, she hired me on the spot. So I would be in Gikomba all morning and in the afternoon, I would go to Capital, where I started training with Pinky Ghelani, then I got the graveyard shift and would do the night show. My mum didn’t get these watchman hours but my dad understood. Then Kiss FM hired me and said they’d double my pay, so I moved out of home, got my own place with a little meko and a mattress, then radio happened.”

Valentine went ahead to reveal that she now has a tv show, where she will be talking about sex and relationships.

She said, “I have a show that is about sex and relationships and sexuality as well, which I think is such a challenge for many of us to deal with, coz sexuality is about your emotions and your self management, human management which we are not taught when we were being brought up.”

Listen to the full conversation below;

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