Vanessa Chettle/ Instagram

Vanessa Chettle shocked many when she revealed that she was pregnant last year. Before she shared the news, she had gone missing from the public for a pretty long time.

Vanessa Chettle/ Instagram

Known as a wild child, it wasn’t understood why she went MIA, but the reason might just be because she was pregnant and didn’t want the public to know about it.

Well, she has finally given birth to a bouncing baby girl, Anna. While announcing the news on social media, she went ahead to reveal that she birthed the baby herself in the bathroom because she was all alone.

Vanessa Chettle’s baby/ Instagram

She wrote, “Anna you #Miracle you!! I birthed her all by MYSELF at home in the freaking bathroom!! I’ll explain later how that situation came to be, For now I’m just proud of this strong lil mini-ME 🙂

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