Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi seem to be taking their relationship to the next level.

The babe has been away from Tanzania for a pretty long time. She has been spending her time with her new lover, Rotimi, Power actor who is based in the US.

Vanessa returned home briefly and because she has a large fan base there, an interview had to be done where the question of her new relationship with the actor had to come up.

As she answered Millard Ayo, she had that honeymoon glow. The one where you smile and blush at the mention of your partners name and even when talking about them just sends some butterflies to your tummy. I know this because I have been there.

Millard Ayo asked her if she has plans of moving to the US to be with him and she did not hesitate at all. Vanessa Mdee affirmed that is her plan.

“so does this mean that you will be visiting the states more often or even consider moving there?” Millard Ayo asked

Vanessa Mdee answered saying,

Aaah, yap. But of course, Tanzania is home but because I am in the process of building a relationship with Rotimi I love being with him. He gives me so much joy. He is the type of guy when I am around him I feel free and that this is the life I am supposed to be living. 


She is clearly head over heels for Rotimi and all we can hope is he feels the same way because he has not talked about her anywhere nor has he posted her on social media.

Vanessa Mdee on the changes Rotimi has made in her life

From Vanessa and Juma Jux’s life story, it is a lesson that breakups are hard but you will always find someone who will love you so do not sob for too long, the love of your life is on their way.

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