Ever heard of a revenge body? No? It is a phrase used to describe what lasses do after breaking up with a guy. They start to get their glow on. The more she glows, the worse the break up was and the more you can be sure she was dumped.

Mimi Mars confirms Vanessa Mdee’s and Jux have broken up

Vanessa Mdee exemplifies this truth. She recently broke things off with Juma Jux (for the umpteenth time) and trust that she has started glowing. Forget the fact that she was still trolling his comment section from time to time sending shots that were not as subtle as she thinks she was. Forget the fact that she will take him back – again.

Let us stick with the fact that the young Tanzanian beauty -probably the only Tanzanian lass that can speak more than a standard three’s English is looking delectable.

‘Get you a woman that can hold you down’, shouts Vanessa Mdee’s bae

I was scrolling through my TL – I lie, I was looking for something to write about and I decided to mozzy on over to her page and I was blown away at how beautiful she is looking. Actually, let me just declare that as soon as she gets back to East Africa I am going to shoot my shot. Anyway, check out how she looks post-Juma Jux below:

As if that photo isn’t enough, check out these: