vanessa mdee

Magufuli apan tambua is a lesson many citizens are learning.

Tanzanian pop star Vanessa Mdee always slays with her fashion sense.

To say she slays is an understatement. But not for the government.

Vanessa Mdee
Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa took to twitter to reveal she was denied entry in a government building for wearing a short skirt.

” Only in Tanzania is my skirt which is at my knees too short to enter a public corporate building. This is incredible”


Apparently she was asked if she had a khanga to cover up as a condition to enter the building.

“Wameniuliza eti ‘una khanga’ FOH”


She went ahead to dismiss a comment claiming she often dresses skimply tweeting;

“Uchi wangu umeuona wapi please respect yourself.”


Some of her tweeter followers were of the idea that the conversation needs to be addressed.